Medinet Habu

From Medinet Habu (Madinat Habu) not many tourists reach, a pity, because it is a place worth stopping for even a few hours. Olbrzymi teren można objąć wzrokiem z pagórka przy

Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple (South Harem) also called the Temple of the Birth of Amun, is the second most important monument of the eastern bank of Thebes after the temple complex in Karnak.

Dawniej była świadectwem bogactwa i potęgi egipskich

Cairo citadel

Initially, there was a leisure pavilion on the site of the huge citadel “The Dome of the Winds”, built at the request of Governor Hatim Ibn Harsam in 810 year.

More than 300 years later, w 1176 year, Saladyn otoczył