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Nefetiti (Beautiful, who came) – wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten of the 18th Dynasty.

Not much is known, where exactly did Nefertete come from and who she was, her story is known only from the moment, …

Amenhotep IV

Amenhotep IV – Echnaton – pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty, son of Amenhotep III and queen Teje.

His main wife was the mysterious Queen Nefertiti, perhaps a Hurricane princess, with which he had 6 …


Djoser was the second king of the 3rd dynasty, ruled in the years 690–2670 BC. or 2720–2700 BC.

He was from Tinis, he was the son or son-in-law of Chasekhemui and Queen Nimaatapis. Tron objął po śmierci


Chefren, ruler of Egypt from the 4th Dynasty, był prawdopodobnie synem Cheopsa, although according to some scholars he was rather his younger brother.

Not much is known about him, reigned in the mid-twenty-sixth century BC. …


Cheops is undoubtedly the most famous ruler of ancient Egypt, famous for building the largest pyramid in the world.

He reigned during the Old Kingdom in the mid-twenty-sixth century BCE., ale dokładna długość i lata jego