Interesting facts about Egypt

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  • The national currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound, marked with the symbol E.P., PL> which is placed before the price of the goods. 1LE is divided into 100 Piastów. 1,00 EGP (pound) = 0,51

Health in Egypt

in Egypt it is better to avoid fruit juices

Before going to Egypt, we do not have to prepare ourselves in any way in terms of medicine, vaccinate or buy tons of ointments and tablets. Currently, the country is safe for health, nie


For centuries, oases were green islands longed for by caravans across the desert. Palm trees provided shelter from the sun and the water quenched the thirsty, weary travelers.

Razem z otaczającą je pustynią oazy


Egypt – a country located partly in Northeast Africa and partly in Asia ( Sinai Peninsula ), on the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea , pomiędzy Libią a Izraelem i Strefą

Ways of getting to Egypt

There are several ways to get to Egypt, and which one we choose depends mainly on this, how much time do we have, measures or what requirements we have. Osoby żądne luksusów powinny zdecydować się