Horus z Edfu

In days 21-25 in the month of mechir, Edfu celebrated the victory of Horus over Seth. The celebrant performing the role of King-Horus performed the ritual killing of the hippo-Set at the sacred lake. This ritual had features …

Roman era – Egypt Islamic

Roman era (30 p.n.e.-395). When Octavian's army entered Alexandria, Cleopatra knew, that the time of freedom for Egypt is over: Roma Aeterna began over 400 years of reign on the Nile. Cesarze władający z

Medium and New Kingdom

Middle Kingdom (ok. 2133-1786 p.n.e.) and the Second Interim Period (ok. 1786-1567 p.n.e.) During the reign of Mentuhotep II (XI dynasty) trade began to develop, Stone and copper mines were also exploited. Wojska

Ancient Egypt

The history of Egypt can be reconstructed from many sources, the most important of which is the Turin Papyrus, founded in the nineteenth dynasty, and the so-called. The Palermo stone, przynoszący wiadomości o wydarzeniach i władcach

History of Egypt

Egypt is the oldest country in the world with a recorded and documented history. Egyptian civilization has survived for over three thousand years. Thirty Egyptian dynasties ruled over the centuries. Później Egipt dostał się pod panowanie