Ways of getting to Egypt

There are several ways to get to Egypt, and which one we choose depends mainly on this, how much time do we have, measures or what requirements we have. People hungry for luxury should decide to book a trip at a travel agency, and for tourists who prefer to organize everything in their own way and who value freedom, a trip with their own car may be a suitable solution.


By plane is undoubtedly the fastest and most convenient way to reach Egypt. There are no regular direct connections from Poland to the land of the pharaohs, so as to many other places in the world, you also travel here with a change – Cairo can be reached from almost all European capitals. Travelers most often buy tickets to Cairo or Alexandria, where are the big ones, international airports, but it is also possible to fly to Luxor, Aswan, Hurghady i Sharm el-Sheikh, where they are also, very few in the whole country, airports serving international flights. The remaining airports are used rather for cruise and charter flights. As for the latter, charter flights to e.g.. Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, and their cost is lower than that of scheduled flights.

Egypt's domestic and international airline is Egypt Air, but this is a particularly good line - the food is pretty lousy, and the service is not very polite. Tickets are not cheap, for the same price, you can usually buy a plane ticket from a better airline.


Traveling to Egypt by car is a good idea, if we care about independence. In our own car with air conditioning, we will be able to quickly (but watch out for traffic jams in Cairo) and conveniently get to the desired place and worry, if there are enough seats for us on the bus or if we are not late for the train.

Car and motorcycle owners will need an international driving license to enter Egypt (there are two kinds, one of them is needed in the former British colonies), vehicle registration documents, liability insurance and "carnet de passage en douane". Carnet is like a passport for a car and allows entry to the state of the pharaohs free of duty. It can also serve as a list of valuable spare parts to take on the go, such as e.g.. spare gearbox. It is possible to enter without “booklet”, but for the details of the conditions, which make it possible to be released from his obligation, better find out at the nearest automotive club.

And one more important piece of information: usually Egyptians do not issue entry permits for off-road vehicles and diesel cars, so if we have any of these cars, it's even better to find out more about it at the Automobile and Touring Club of Egypt, where you can also call from Poland – tel. 574 3355, address 10 Quasr el-Nile in Cairo, open every day except Friday from 9 do 13.30.

Besides, it's worth knowing, that unleaded gasoline was introduced to Egypt in 1995 year, but only available in Cairo and Alexandria. There may also be problems finding some spare parts, so take some of them with you and enter them in “notebook.


There are currently no passenger connections between Egyptian and European ports. The last connection between Alexandria and Athens was closed in 1997. It is possible to embark on a merchant ship, but such ships are quite unpredictable, and the departure time as well as the exact route are only known at the last minute.

Organized trips

Traveling to and around Egypt in the care of a travel agency is currently the most frequently chosen option by tourists. When deciding to buy a trip, we are sure, that everything will be buttoned up to the last button, we will not forget anything and we will not encounter any unpleasant surprises or problems.

The price of the trip usually includes a return flight ticket, accommodation in a luxury hotel, meals often with the all inclusive option (that is, we can eat at will all the delicacies served by the hotel's kitchen whenever we want) and often also transport in Egypt. We can choose between a stay trip, when we spend our holidays only in one place, round trip, during which we visit the most interesting places in Egypt and visit a different city practically every day, and a combined trip, When we spend part of our stay resting in a hotel and part traveling around the country.

The choice of tours and organizers is huge, although the offers that can be found here do not differ significantly from each other. Most of the currently available optional tours and some of the most popular tours can be seen here. In the hotels section, you will find selected offers from proven hotels, guaranteeing the best conditions for the best price.