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Nefetiti (Beautiful, who came) – wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten of the 18th Dynasty.

Not much is known, where exactly did Nefertete come from and who she was, her story is known only from the moment, when she became the wife of Akhenaten. It is possible, that she was a Hurricane princess, or the daughter of the adviser and vizier of the court of Ai, who became ruler of Egypt after Tutankhamun's death.

With her husband, Echnaton, Nefertiti did 6 daughters: Deserved, Layoutless, Neferneferuaton-Taszerit, Neferneferure, Setepenre and Anchesenaton, the last of which was the wife of Tutankhamun. After the death of her husband, she probably became a pharaoh, but it is not entirely certain and is also supposed to be, that she could act as a co-regent with the son of the deceased ruler, Tutenchamonem, who is suspected, that he was sick or handicapped. After her death, Nefertete was buried with her husband in Akhetaton, but most likely their tomb was later moved to the Valley of the Kings, where, however, the queen's body has not yet been found.

It is the only queen, depicted on bas-reliefs in poses reserved only for pharaohs, and quite a few of her busts have survived to this day. It is believed, that many of the treasures originally belonging to her and her husband were placed in the tomb of Tutankhamun, because e.g.. the golden mask of the prematurely deceased pharaoh showed signs of alteration, a niektóre dziecięce trumny mają kobiece piersi.