Djoser was the second king of the 3rd dynasty, ruled in the years 690–2670 BC. or 2720–2700 BC.

He was from Tinis, he was the son or son-in-law of Chasekhemui and Queen Nimaatapis. He took the throne after his brother died, but because of his young age, his mother initially exercised power on his behalf.

Djoser was the king of upper and lower Egypt, and according to the Hunger Stele in his day, there was a famine in the south of the country, which however is quite uncertain due to this, that the stele was built in Ptolemaic times. The ruler's vizier was Imhotep, who built the first pyramid in the history of Egypt for Djoser, to serve as the tomb of the king.

Outside the pyramid, Djoser also became famous as a precursor of monumental sculpture, an example of which is the magnificent statue of the ruler from the serdab), and the introduction to the royal titles of the new house, Złoty Horus.