Diving in Egypt

Egypt is the perfect place to start or continue your diving adventure. Amazingly beautiful coral reefs right on the shore delight with thousands of colors and the richness of life, a polska baza nurkowa w Dahabie dodatkowo zachęca do zapisania się na kurs.

Viewing the underwater world has become an entertainment available to everyone, Both children and frightened people can try their hand, and affordable prices make the sport even more affordable.

Numerous diving centers and bases guarantee the appropriate level of training, and the course participants, after completing the training, receive a diving license recognized all over the world.

Health conditions

Although everyone can dive, this sport requires good health. First of all, you should have a healthy respiratory system, circulatory system, sinuses and middle ear. People with heart defects, chronic catarrhal conditions, epilepsy, asthma, taking psychotropic drugs and pregnant women should not dive. If in doubt, it is best to consult a sports physician or diving physician, and contact with them will be happy to facilitate our office.

Learning to dive

Nowadays, diving has become available to a wide group of enthusiasts of relaxing by the water. It is a safe form of underwater tourism, as long as we properly master the technique and follow the safety rules. The appropriate level of training can be guaranteed by diving centers and bases, whose staff has the necessary qualifications and authorizations to conduct training.

Anyone can start learning to dive, which has finished 10 years, is in good health and can swim. Course participants receive training materials prepared for the lectures they conduct. The progress of the course participants is assessed on an ongoing basis during practical classes and theoretical knowledge during the test exam at the end of the stay. After completing the training, the course participants receive a diving license recognized all over the world.

The depth of tourist dives

The maximum depth of dives depends directly on the diving qualifications (license) corner, and in the case of courses organized in Egypt, the maximum and maximum depth for tourist dives is 20 m.

Diving qualifications

A condition for admission to diving programs – except for participants of the PADI OWD entry level diver course – is to show the license (books, cards) issued by any, “recognizable” diving organization. In some diving centers, the so-called. “check diving” (when you haven't dived at least 6 months) to configure the hardware (e.g.. selection of the right amount of ballast) and getting acquainted with the skills of the diver.

Diving and air flights

When planning a diving vacation, you have to remember, that you shouldn't dive in the past 24 hours before scheduled departure, and deep dives should be completed two days earlier. It is also not recommended to dive on the day of arrival. These comments also apply to mountain hikes or trips to high-altitude cities.

Weather conditions

The offer allows diving throughout the year, however, it should be remembered, that weather conditions may change overnight making it impossible to implement the intended dive plan or even forcing you to cancel the dive. It can also happen, that any of the planned dive sites will be changed to another for various reasons.

Diving and the environment

The scuba diver should protect and respect the resources of the underwater nature. Pulling animals out of the water is forbidden and punished in many countries.
In protected areas, this prohibition also applies to the shells of snails and clams, as well as the skeletons of sea urchins and corals. It is also forbidden to feed fish and spearfishing. Particular care is required on a coral reef where inattentive traffic, loss of buoyancy or an unfastened pressure gauge can destroy coral structures built over decades. You have to remember, that some inhabitants of the underwater world have venom spikes or burn heavily. So it should be taken as a rule, that marine animals should not be touched or disturbed.

Accompanying persons

On all trips, the divers may be accompanied by non-divers. The price of the accompanying person's stay does not include dives, but only a basic benefit such as: accommodation, board, travel and insurance. Despite this, that diving trips are specific events mainly devoted to diving, in all places non-divers can spend their holidays in an interesting way, and our office provides all available assistance in organizing their free time.

Diving insurance

All participants of trips organized by our office have
NW and KL insurance for recreational diving.
Our company also has the insurance required to obtain a tour operator's license.

Practical information

Before the start of the event, diving equipment must be reported to our booking department. If the customer does not inform us about the transport of the above-mentioned equipment, the shipping company may refuse to accept you on board.


The fee for diving equipment is 45 USD per piece and is made at the airport at the LOT ticket office. The ticket offices at the airport in Pyrzowice are open until 7 p.m..