Dahab is located approx. 100 km north of the most famous tourist resort in Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh, and you can often meet one-day tourists arriving from that area. Dahab itself, however, is a very interesting place, especially due to the wonderful coral reefs stretching practically along the entire coast and world-famous unique diving sites, jak Canyon lub Blue Hole.To ostatnie miejsce, a dark hole approx 50 m located right on the shore, it is notorious for many diving accidents, what happened in it, but nonetheless, it attracts diving enthusiasts from all regions of the world.

In addition, Dahab is also a great place for people who practice windsurfing. Perfect breeze and calm conditions, the flat surface of the water is conducive to achieving high speeds on the board, and the area beyond the headland is even called by windsurfers “Speedy”.

Dahab, gold in Arabic, It owes its name to the color of the beach sands and it is the perfect place to rest or first try to see the underwater world. Most tourists sign up for very popular diving courses or at least equip them with a snorkeling mask, that is, swimming with only your face submerged. Thanks to this you can, floating on the surface of the water, admire the beauty of the marine fauna and flora inhabiting the coastal coral reef.

While in Dahab you will notice, that the city consists of two parts – a district full of luxury holiday resorts for the wealthiest tourists and a Bedouin settlement, Natural, However, there are also more and more hotels and resorts from year to year. Resorts on the Dahab Bay are usually self-sufficient complexes with their own beaches and access to a coral reef on a headland, but still most tourists go straight to Asila after arriving in the city, located approx. 2,5 km further north of the actual city center.

» Daniella Village – Very pleasant, a small hotel with a family atmosphere, built in a distinctive, oriental style. It is located right on the beach and is especially recommended for diving enthusiasts.
» Happy Life *** – New, luksusowy ośrodek położony w Dahabie, u wybrzeży Morza Czerwonego. Z hotelu rozciąga się widok na błękitną zatokę, a góry synajskich pustyni w tle kurortu nadają mu prawdziwie unikalny wygląd. Niedaleko znajduje się piękny rezerwat przyrody.
» Hilton Dahab ***** – Hotel należący do znanej sieci hotelarskiej Hilton, oferuje luksusowe warunki do spędzenia urlopu. It is an elegant oasis with a beautiful beach, that is, a complex of stylish surrounding apartments 7 artificial, sea ​​lakes with tropical gardens all around.
» Iberotel Dahabeya **** – Stylish, nowocześnie wykończony hotel położony w głównej zatoce Dahabu, w pięknej scenerii łączącej lagunę z widokiem na góry Arabii Saudyjskiej. There is a new one right next to it, Polish diving base!