Interesting facts about Egypt

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  • The national currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound, marked with the symbol E.P., PL> which is placed before the price of the goods. 1LE is divided into 100 Piastów. 1,00 EGP (pound) = 0,51 PLN (golden)
  • In Egypt, one liter of gasoline costs approx 1,2 Egyptian, i.e. approx 64 pennies.
  • Egypt time is two hours ahead of Greenwich.
  • The most popular game in ancient Egypt was checkers.
  • The word most often heard by tourists from the Egyptians is the word “bakshish”, which means ,,share your assets”. Bakszysz is also a tip. In Egypt it is even a custom and you have to give it. By giving generous tips, you can be favored by the service and be treated better. For guides and waiters, it is often the main source of income. It is accepted 10
  • 15% value of the service and you should have a small amount of money prepared for such fees.
  • Official holidays in Egypt are both designated by the Gregorian calendar, and the Muslim calendar (Hydra).
  • The Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world (6671 km). Its delta and valley are the most important parts of the country.
  • Deserts constitute 96% country area.
  • The voltage in Egypt is 220V. You must have a flashlight, because there are power outages in hotels, but also in temples, and sometimes even in tombs.
  • The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters. It is written right to left. Arabic numerals look different from these, which we call Arabic and are written from left to right. It's worth learning them, to be able to read the prices of goods in stores.
  • Shisha is inseparable from the Egyptian cafe society. It is a hookah, for which a special type of tobacco is used, mixed with molasses. This blend gives a unique flavor and aroma.
  • Ramadan to 9 month in the Muslim calendar. It is celebrated in memory of the revelation of the first suras of the Koran to Muhammad. It consists in abstaining from eating, drinking and smoking during the day. After a day long test of perseverance, the celebration begins in the evening, starting with iftar, or ,,breakfasts".
  • Some public baths (Hammam) in the mornings they serve only men, and in the afternoons only women. In others, there are separate days for both sexes, and some are only for women, be only for men.
  • Belly dance (ar-raks as-sarcas) it has been cultivated in Egypt since the time of the pharaohs.
  • In Egypt, you can buy the Egyptian Gazette, which is published in English.
  • Friday is a non-working day in Egypt.