Chefren, ruler of Egypt from the 4th Dynasty, był prawdopodobnie synem Cheopsa, although according to some scholars he was rather his younger brother.

Not much is known about him, reigned in the mid-twenty-sixth century BC. after the death of his half-brother Djedefre, and in his legacy he left the second largest pyramid at Giza.

They are other mementoes of him 2 diorite statuettes found in his burial chamber, considered to be real works of art, oraz Sfinks, which, although it was supposedly created much earlier, it has the face of this pharaoh. The entire Chefren tomb complex, which also included a pyramid, it was composed of the upper temple, dromos and the lower temple known as the Temple of the Sphinx. These are actually the only surviving buildings after Chefren, and because almost no records of his time have been found so far, we know little about his rule and politics. Apparently, the period of his reign was the peak of the power of the 4th dynasty and the Old Kingdom, but we still have to wait for the next archaeological discoveries to confirm these words.

Następcą Chefrena był jego syn Dżedefre-Baka, który rządził jako regent do czasu, aż na tronie zasiadł drugi syn faraona, Menkaure (Mykerinos).