Tours in Egypt

Beautiful, golden beaches, the turquoise sea stretching to the horizon and the colorful gardens of undersea coral reefs…

Egypt will delight everyone, both a lover of water sports, seekers of an exotic place for a dream holiday, as well as fascinated by ancient culture and art.

A camel trip to the endless desert, visiting the Valley of the Kings or the highest pyramid in the world, diving with dolphins and watching the underwater world – experience a great adventure in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Round trips give the opportunity to get to know a larger part of Egypt than during a stay trip. During them, tourists visit the most interesting places in the country of the pharaohs, get to know its culture, art and travel (In most cases) on an elegant ship on the largest river in Africa, Nile.

Residence trips are ideal for people who want to rest peacefully in one of the luxurious Egyptian hotels. A wide range of optional excursions allows you to get acquainted with the most interesting attractions and monuments in the area, and many trips lasting one or several days to more distant cities, that by deciding to stay in one resort, we do not lose the opportunity to see the most interesting places in Egypt!


Nuweiba village is a short distance from Dahab (ok. 50km), so the tour and price proposals are more or less comparable to both places.

Petra 756 PLN
Transfer to Taba, border crossing. Drive through Israel to Aqaba (Jordan). Getting to Petra and visiting the famous city of Nabataeikh carved in the rock: as (ravine being an entrance), Treasury,

St.. Catherine 141 PLN
Departure in the morning and drive to the Monastery of St.. Catherine (ok. 2 at). Visiting the Monastery. Lunch included.

Luxor 791 PLN
Visiting the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, temple of Hatshepsut, Karnaku, photo session at the Colossi of Memnon. Lunch included. Drinks additionally payable

Cairo – by plane 809 PLN
Visiting the Egyptian Museum, Pyramid, Sphinx, Citadel with the Alabaster Mosque. Free time at the El Khan Khalili bazaar, lunch included.

Cairo 1 day 281 PLN

Visiting the Egyptian Museum, Pyramid, Sphinx, churches in the Coptic Quarter, Amr Ibn al-As Mosque, Boat trip on the Nile. Lunch included.

Cairo + Alexandria 651 PLN
Cairo on the first day – visiting the Egyptian Museum, Pyramid, Sphinx, churches in the Coptic Quarter, Amr Ibn al-As Mosque. A boat trip on the Nile. Lunch included. In the evening, dinner at the restaurant

Moses Mountain and St. Catherine's Monastery 141 PLN
Night ascent to Mount Moses (2285 m.n.p.m.) Route approx. 2,5 hours, watching the sunrise. Descend and visit the Monastery of St.. Catherine.

Jerusalem 422 PLN
Arrival in Taba. Border crossing, drive to the Dead Sea, swimming in the sea, drive and sightseeing in Bethlehem. Transfer to Jerusalem, to the Mount of Olives, which offers a wonderful panorama of old Jerusalem, sightseeing, incl.: Way of the Cross, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, King David's tomb, Dromitium, Supposed place where Maria fell asleep, Wailing Wall. Return by bus from Jerusalem to Dahab.

Tours from Hurghada

El Gouna village, Makadi, Safaga and Soma Bay are situated a short distance from Hurghada (from 20 do ok. 45km from her), So the trip offers and prices are comparable to those from Hurghada.

Cairo (OK. 70 USD) 1 DAY
A full day trip to Cairo by coach. The program includes visiting the pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, where archaeological relics from the era of the pharaohs are kept. A visit to the Coptic Quarter and the Alabaster Mosque. There will be time for shopping at the famous Khan Al Chalili market before returning. Lunch during the trip.

Luxor (OK. 65 USD)
A great opportunity to learn about the history of Ancient Egypt. All-day trip by coach combined with sightseeing of soebie 3,5 Thousand Years of Luxor and Karnak Temples. A visit to the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut. Interesting fact, they are also colorful, exotic bazaars with typical Egyptian specificity. During the trip and lunch.

Giftun Island (OK. 20 USD)
A trip to a small island in the Red Sea, approx 1 an hour away by yacht from Hurghada. During it you can sunbathe on beautiful sandy beaches, sea ​​baths, snorkeling or diving on a wonderful coral reef. Lunch on board the yacht.

Alf Leila Wa Leila (OK. 20 USD)
An unusual folklore evening, full of oriental atmosphere. Folk dancing, dinner rich in typical Egyptian dishes, and all under the starry skies of hot Africa.

Jeep safari with bedouin dinner (OK. 30 USD)
A trip to the desert, drive through the dunes to the Bedouin village. Camel rides available, followed by a typical Egyptian barbecue dinner.

Cairo (2 days) 440 PLN
Egyptian Museum, Giza (pyramids, sphinx), bazar khan kalili, lunch (drinks paid extra), perfumery. Then check in at the hotel + dinner (water the canvas). Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque, panorama of the City of the Dead, old Cairo- Hanging Church and the oldest mosque of Amr Ibn As, lunch (drinks paid extra).

Sharm el Naga 141 PLN
Surface diving in a nature reserve, lunch.

submarine 211 PLN
Discover the fairy-tale world of the coral reef in. 18 meters

Bedouin village, camel ride, quads, show (belly dance, spinning dervish, Arabic folklore) dinner with roasted lamb, Alkohol free drinks.

City Tour po Hurghadzie 53 PLN
Mosque, Coptic church, duty free shop (passport), Papyrus Institute, Aquarium (for an extra charge), visit to a cafe (hookah and drink included)

Cairo – by plane 985 PLN
The program is like that, jak w przypadku wycieczki ‘Kair – 1 dzień autokarem’, in addition, visiting the alabaster mosque

Monasteries 141 PLN
St.. Paul and St.. Anthony. The oldest Christian monasteries in the world (3rd century CE), get to know the spiritual life of Egyptian monks.

Katamaran Dolphin 141 PLN
A cruise over the reefs.

Jerusalem from Hurghada – By plane – One-day pilgrimage 791 PLN
Explore the city 3 great religions.

Cruise on the Nile 1055 PLN
5days 4night (ship 5* 3meals) Meet the ancient Egyptian civilization from Luxor to Aswan

Trimaran ISIS 106 PLN
A cruise over the reefs (super cinema)

Diving 176 PLN
1 day – 2 dives under the care of professional divers, instructor in Polish

Diving courses 879 PLN
4 days, completed with the international PADI certificate

El Gouna Sea Trip 141 PLN
Wycieczka statkiem do ‘wenecji pustyniEl Gouny

Utopia 141 PLN
Surface diving + boat with a glass bottom

St.. Catherine 580 PLN
St.. Catherine and Mount Moses, See the sunrise at the top of the Ten Commandments and a magically located monastery